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There are those who say that this war will be won through numbers, that the easiest way to win a battle is through overwhelming force.

And there are those who say that this war will be won through innovation, that the it doesn't matter how many weapons you have as long as you can make one that is more dangerous and more powerful than your enemies.

The truth is a far more complicated thing. The quantity of weapons matters, and so does the quality of those weapons, but so, too, do the roads that bring those weapons to their squads. So, too, does the faith that rests in the heart of the soldier pulling the trigger. So, too, does the camera that frames every battle as a righteous victory or as senseless bloodshed.

There is always a bigger picture to the conflict.

Rearguard is a social, low-violence supplement for Beam Saber, a Forged in the Dark game by Austin Ramsay. Introducing five new playbooks and an additional squad type, Rearguard takes Beam Saber's high-stakes combat and grounds the game by introducing complicated questions of ethics, mechanics to buoy support roles, and all-new frameworks for social interaction.

This fully illustrated 82-page supplement for Beam Saber includes:

  • Five new playbooks and an additional squad type
    • The Occultist, a paranormal investigator mired in conspiracy and espionage
    • The Surgeon, a meticulous battlefield medic and agent of interpersonal drama
    • The Quartermaster, a logistics officer working at the intersection of people and money
    • The Chaplain, a steady faith leader whose words are their greatest asset
    • The Correspondent, a documentarian committed to revealing the truth to a broader public
    • The Rearguard, a ground crew interfacing with the infrastructure of war
  • 60 inventive special abilities to galvanize your Beam Saber game
  • 55 new pieces of pilot and vehicle gear
  • Advice for GMs and players looking to make the most of this supplement, including sections on ethics as they pertain to each playbook

Rearguard is a Small Planet Games collaboration between Rufus Roswell and Caro Asercion.

Developmental editing by Juliet Louis.

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Rearguard is a Beam Saber Supply Drop. This material is an unofficial supplement and is not affiliated with Austin Ramsay.

Small Planet Games
CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(51 total ratings)
AuthorsRufus Roswell, Caro Asercion
Tagsbeam-saber, Forged in the Dark, mecha, Mechs, Sci-fi


Buy Now$20.00 USD or more

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< 3 Thank you Wren.


Rearguard is a fantastic supplement to Beam Saber, with special attention paid to the shift from direct conflict to the parts of war that often go unnoticed. Impossible not to recommend.


Rearguard is a rare occurrence - a third-party supplement that transforms the game that it is based on. It's both kickass gaming material and kickass games criticism.

Beam Saber is a game that has war as its backdrop. Rearguard brings some of that backdrop into focus. Each of these playbooks introduces different kinds of war stories into your Beam Saber game. Introduce more than one and you will probably tilt the entire genre and tone of your game. I'm really excited that this exists. Loved reading it and excited to get it to the table at some point.


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