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Giantkillers are born from an urgent question; how do you disavow machines of war and still protect yourself in a world where mechs are equivalent to power.  And with precision tools  and nerves of steel they found their answer; taking down mechs with blades and breach charges. 

After all, the bigger they are the harder they fall. 

The Giantkiller is a playbook with out a mech for Beam Saber by Austin Ramsay. Giantkillers are scrappy and fearless champions that pit themselves against mechs thousands of times their size with nothing but their blade and training to protect them. They are also inspiring leaders and ethical objectors, people who pit themselves against the machines they see as the pillars of the endless war and the government's reign of terror. 

Both the art and playtesting for this playbook were done by Caro Asercion.

This playbook is 13 pages and has everything you need to play as a Giantkiller, including: 

  • A guide to playing the Giantkiller 
  • 8 moves and 8 pieces of specialist gear
  • A discussion of ethics and their role in this playbook
  • Advice for GMing this playbook 
  • 2 Random tables of Mech and Cockpit features to help you jumpstart fiction

100% of Proceeds go Towards my Top Surgery and Medical Debt


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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You keep saying "playbook", but what is that?


A playbook is part of some tabletop games. It's basically a character sheet for a particular class, but it has all the class details built in, meaning a play book has essentially everything a player needs to join a game. 

They're meant to be paired with particular games, this one for Beam Saber.