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Hey... i really love the use of asynchronicity as a feature and not just some inconvenience that needs to be worked around, also such an interesting setting/theme
i'm thinking of a possible hack/take some of the ideas in here to tell some sort of "resistance"/antifascist history

Thats such a cool hack idea! Im excited to see it.

Just reading the description and screenshot churned my stomach. Thank you for making this, it has the potential to be a fierce educational tool.

i am a bit confused. i thought - knowing / reading the description - that it is a game you download to play.
But the only thing I recieved are rules to play
It leaves me with the following questions:

- How do I play?

- If not in the game, where should I play?

- Where to find a partner to play?

- last but not least: how does the game end?

Do not get me wrong, I love the idea behind it, but from the point of the player/ potential buyer, it is really confusing

Please do not get angry with me, I am just confused and frustrated that this great concept is left without enough info to start exploring it's potential




it's a tabletop game, so you don't play on something downloaded. follow the rules to play the game wherever you like, with whoever wants to play with you. i havent downloaded it yet so i dont know about endings, but i'd suspect it's when you feel like finishing


-Through real letters/conversation

-Play wherever you want, in a lake, a ship, a home, a box, as long as you are writing letters to a partner / conversing with a partner as if you were its fine.

-Anywhere, as long as the partner is human. Try reddit.

-When it reaches it's natural narrative conclusion, when does a film end? when does a book end? When it's reached an appropriate narrative finale, or maybe never, if you prefer.

This is a TTRPG (tabletop role-playing game), you play through real correspondance. As for if it is really left without enough info, the rules were really written for someone familiar with such games already, so its more just not enough for you, not its target audience (not to say you shouldn't play).

It is also in the "physical games section" on the store, so its not abnormal to be downloadable rules/books not a program. But its understandable that this is confusing to you.

A program is merely one way of experiencing a story or game, equally it can be done through a board, through conversation, through letters, or even through reading something on your own.