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Ariadne's glowing thread rolls into the Labyrinth, Illuminating and obscuring in equal measure. 

The Exquisite Deck is a print and play deck of Spindlewheel cards--an interpretive storytelling platform developed by Sasha Reneau.  It was developed over the course of 4 hours on twitter by multiple creators responding to and building off each other's work as an experiment in generative poetry. 

The Exquisite Desk is and will always be free but if you would like to support the administrative work that made it possible consider buying the work of Caro Asercion who compiled the cards, Sasha Reneau who did the layout, or any one of the participant poets.

Also consider supporting the work of Sam Day who compiled the Exquisite Deck into a Twine Experience

Exquisite Deck contains the work of:  YadelahSchazerSasha ReneauSam Day, Paul,Niklas WilkundNatalie LibreTomas Herbertson, Morgan, Marn S., Matthew Gravelyn, Maria Mison, Kavita Poduri, Jay, Janie Jaffe, Gray DarlingCaro Asercion, Annie Johnston-Glick, Abe Mendes, and me

CategoryPhysical game
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AuthorRufus Roswell
Tagscollaborative, Deck Building, poetry, Story Rich


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