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There is a term called pixel bloom, that refers to the light from a single pixel spilling outward, blurring into and illuminating its neighbors. When scientists were asked to name the manner of information sharing between an Entangled Mech and Pilot they remembered the seeping glow of figures on an otherwise dark cathode-ray screen. When The Bloom occurs, memories, thoughts, emotions, and sensations may bleed from Pilot to Mech and back again.

What This Is

Random Access Histories is a 2 player RPG about a mech and a pilot who are bound to each other through something called The Bloom. The main mechanic of the game is the sharing of memories, and it places emphasis on understanding and connection between players. 

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10$ is the full price of the game. 7$ is the game at 30% off.  If you need further assistance purchasing any of my games send me a message here, on twitter @benroswellwrites, or at benaudenroswell@gmail.com and I will provide you a download code no questions asked.  


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

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