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Oathbound/Oathbreaker is a set of paired playbooks for Venture by Riley Rethal that ask what it means to love your family, love your community, love the duty you feel to these things and yet to too long for freedom anyway. They are inspired by the Oath Breaker paladin in D&D 5e and by the witches and wanderers of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld. They are an attempt to imagine the figure of the paladin not as a religious enforcer but rather as characters through which we might understand our place within our individual legacies of religion and magic. 

These playbooks were commissioned for the Venture Dungeon Kickstarter in Spring 2020. They will appear in the final print version of Venture Dungeon in fall 2021, they are provided here in an early access form for your convenience. A low minimum price has been set so that you may claim these files to your itch account., which is impossible with a free product.

Layout was provided by Caro Asercion who's games and writing can be found at their itch.


Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

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Oathbound Oathbreaker Playbooks 253 kB

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