Dyslexia Poem is an experiment in visual poetry inspired by my own experiences with dyslexia and dysgraphia and by errors on early geocities sites. 

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Forgot that ratings don't show up as comments and I wanted my praise to be on the front page: 

Beautiful poem, that through both its words and its formatting does a phenomenal job bringing one into the experience and frustration and longing of a writer with dyslexia. As someone who's not dyslexic but DOES have aphasia that has worsened with age (and/or maybe just stress), I found myself not just empathizing but really thinking about my own struggles with words and my struggle to hold-on-tight. 





I wanted to add something about the form. As I and most others have noted the form itself gets the point across perfectly, but it's not just the shape or readability of the letters. At first, I was fascinated that it was written as "hypertext" literature, since it's a very simple, kind of "traditional" form (are we old enough to call things old in digital non-linear literature?), and therefore most people choose something cooler looking these days. But the simple typeface (like a console) and the links are a clear invitation for you to not just click forward but very literally engage with the text -- and once again that specific choice really hammers home the awareness of every word. 

I feel like students will be writing essays about this poem, or could. It's amazing. 

This is a great poem, both in its content and in its form

Vulnerable and beautiful poem, that really cleverly plays with form to demonstrate its points.  Ben Roswell is a brilliant poet, this doesn't disappoint.