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This is incredible. it is extremely versatile, inspiring, and very strong. There is also a thing that I love about it that is that there's no "point" to adding it or using it in your game, except because. There's no end game or conclusion or expectation. It's just what it is, which maybe it's what a lot of dreams are.

What an incredibly executed concept! I love how the game explicitly is about seeking painful truths and unearthing lost secrets and opening old wounds but it's also explicitly optional for players in the moment. 

The two playbooks loop seamlessly and I'll be keeping this in my back pocket for a table that wants to explore these concepts!

 Here is an atypical little role-playing game that takes a step aside: instead of offering us a whole dream world to explore, it's just a mechanic (inspired by the Belonging Outside Belonging system) that is put there, to infuse dreams into other games; or rather, to explore the dreams of our characters of the moment, and to make these dreams a force they can use in reality. What a really cool idea!