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I watched Jurassic Park for the first time the summer of 2020. I quite enjoyed it but as I dwelled on it, the idea of the park’s existence became disquieting. I kept on thinking of the trans people who no doubt exited in this universe. What must they feel about the money and science behind the dinosaurs? This poem was born out of that unease.

A Trans Man Works at Jurassic Park is a zine length poem that seeks to untangle this feeling. It concerns its self with trans parenthood, the politics of trans erasure, and with the complexities of a trans masculine position. It also features an inaccurate view of the cell cycle, the violence of dinosaurs, and a full color layout.

A Trans Man Works at Jurassic Park is 13 pages of poetry about trans science fiction. It can be purchased for five dollars or claimed for free if you are trans.

This poem is a deep excavation of my own feelings about being trans masculine. I would love to hear if it resonates with you, trans masculine or not.

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AuthorRufus Roswell
TagsDinosaurs, LGBTQIA, poem, Queer, Sci-fi, Transgender, zine


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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This poem will always be free for trans people. If you are transgender feel free to claim a free copy here. If you are not trans please consider paying the 5 dollars to access it.


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i went ahead and purchased this after claiming and reading the free copy because I just fell in love with the writing. the whole setup is sharp and discomforting in a way that hits just right. thank you.


This poem is beautiful and sad and tragic and yet makes me feel good because at the end the trans man takes a stance and by god sometimes I feel like taking that stance as well. Goddamn.


This poem broke Jurassic Park open for me, expanding it's borders. The language of science and movie making is taken from the series and turned to a trans man, in all his completeness and messiness, and dwelling on him. As well as a lovely, well-written piece of literature, this has the best poetry layout and design I've ever seen. Thank you for it!


hi um I wanted to say i really loved this, everything about it, This generative idea of just being able to put a trans person in any fiction space, the documentary framing, the quiet rage of the subject, the many-truths of a refracted self. phenomenal phenomenal phenomenal, thank you <3

Thank you so much for your comment and for reading this. Ahhh, you grabbed onto all the little things are important about this. < 3 !! 


Thankfully I was able to benefit off of my trans privilege to claim it - suck it cis people! Who's oppressed now??


thank you for offering free copies for trans people! i love this practice. in return i hope commenting boosts the visibility of the project in itch's algos <3

Deleted 2 years ago

Ah thanks for the heads up! Im going to delete this comment in a bit just so its not on the public page but I really appreciate it!!