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I really like this. The writing (all in-universe) is excellent and the concept is very interesting too. The 'gameplay' is a little abstract - essentially reading random fragments of previous answers as responses to new ones -  but maybe that doesn't matter. There are some broader ideas about the self to consider here, as Sasha Reneau  touches on below. Great stuff Ben!

Thank you so much! This game is a little abstract but poetry is like that!! Thanks for the shout out it means a lot of me especially today!

A further question: 

Page three tells me "This game is a machine. You must go through it in order." Question categories are presented in an order. Must I begin with a question category one, then follow with a question category two, three, four, and if things go poorly, five? Or may I asked questions in an order that I determine? I do not wish to fail the system.

Hi! You can ask question in qhatever order you like. This instruction was intended to prevent people from reading the questions document first then writing their answers with an intent to tailor them more closely. I wanted you to calibrate first then ask questions, but the questions them selves may be answered in any order. 

Will the Communication Manual function on American Standard 8.5 x 11 inch paper, or is A4 paper a requirement for participation?

I just put a4 because that's what I was working with. All you need to do is print to fit page and it should work on all standard paper sizes.

The only important thing is that all the sheets are printed on the same sized paper. 

Am I still thinking abt how concretely hollerith deals in mech-as-mirror, as extension of our fears and assumptions about war and bodies? maybe so dot gif